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Royal Doctor Reveals How Prince Charles Recovered From Coronavirus

Prince Charles is out of self-isolation and in “good health” after testing positive for coronavirus last month.

He was only displaying mild symptoms and was self-isolated for seven days at his residence in Scotland.

In an interview with HELLO!, Anna Hemming, a former royal doctor, talked about the Prince’s battle with the virus and how he managed to recover.

Hemming reveals: “We have now been living with social restrictions for two weeks and coronavirus awareness since February. We know some people breeze through infection while others don’t even realise they have it. There is no guarantee which group you may fall into when you get the virus, however it is well documented that more who are fit and healthy, exercise and have a good balanced diet recover quicker.

“This is also not the case for everyone and I know several fit healthy and super sporty young people currently in hospital on ventilators struggling to pull through. Fortunately, Prince Charles has recovered well and is back at his desk, opening the Nightingale Hospital on Friday by video link. We heard first hand that he is back working and good to see social distancing between those at the ceremony too.”

Prince Charles

Few days after the happy news about Prince Charles’ recovery was announced, he opened new NHS Nightingale hospital to treat coronavirus patients. The temporary NHS Nightingale Hospital is able to hold as many as 4,000 patients.

He said he was “enormously touched” to have been asked to open the hospital, built in just nine days, calling it a “spectacular and unbelievable feat of work”.

“On behalf of the nation, I want to say a very big thank you to the planners, the builders, the Armed Forces, the generous companies and organisations which have donated equipment and services, and all the support staff, who have made this possible.

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“Also we owe an immense debt of gratitude to the doctors, the nurses, the technicians, the staff – currently working in the health service and those coming out of retirement – and the voluntary workers who will be working within it.

“I can only offer my special thoughts and prayers to all those who will receive care within it and let us hope that it will not be too long before this terrible disease has left our land.”

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