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Royal Photographer Reveals How William And Kate Pulled Off Perfect Anniversary Shoot

All the way back in April, Prince William and Kate Middleton charmed us all with an amazing photoshoot and brand new stunning portraits to commemorate their tenth wedding anniversary. Now the man behind the camera, photographer Chris Floyd has shared his experience working with them.

Ahead of another heart-wrenching shoot at JFK airport, capturing the moment when Londoners are reunited with loved ones from NYC, the man who has captured some of the world’s most iconic faces, including Paul McCartney, David Bowie and Sir David Attenborough, has shared how the Cambridges made him feel at home in Kensington Palace.

“It was a real honour to be asked, it really was,” he said, all the while admitting that he gets nervous before any shoot, but William and Kate made Chris feel at ease during his first visit to Cambridge.

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“We just had a really nice time. We came together for the duration of the shoot and within five minutes, I was just able to be myself. I think they were themselves as well,” he continued.

“And in that time, they were just another pair of people that I was photographing. I just forgot where I was and who I was with and I was just photographing a couple, who in this case, were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. There was no one else around, it was just me and them, and we had a really great time.”

Spreading like wildfire across the globe the images featured a rare public display of affection, as we say Kate snuggled up tight to William, wearing an elegant blue floral dress.

Chris, however, wasn’t as surprised as the rest of us, saying: “I just wanted them to be themselves with each other and I just stepped back out. In order for me to get the picture that I got from them, I had to get out of the way and just let them be themselves. That was it really, I just tried to create an atmosphere that allowed them to be themselves with each other and I was there to document that.”

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The man behind the camera described the response from royal fans as “absolutely mind-blowing”, and speaking of blowing up, exactly that was happening to his notification bar.

“The really funny thing was I got home and about quarter past 10, my wife said to me, ‘You need to put the bins out, the dustmen are coming tomorrow’. So I went out to put the bins out and when I came back in, it was 10.31 and you know when people talk about their phones blowing up, it was literally like my phone had blown up.”

Describing the response as a “massive stampede,” Chris had gained 2,000 new Instagram followers within minutes of Kensington Palace releasing the photographs.

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