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Scarlett Johansson opens up about marriages and men

Scarlett Jonahsson pulls no punches about abusive men and about those skin-tight superhero suits.

The famous actress opened up in a itenrview before news surfaced in January that she and her husband Romain Dauriac, had decided to divorce.

The actress had an interview with Event Magazine, in which she alluded to challenges in her marriage to Dauriac — from whom she filed for divorce earlier this month.

Scarlett admitted that her job kept her constantly moving.

 “I work a lot so I don’t really live anywhere for very long periods of time,” Johansson, said. “Sometimes I live in Paris for a couple of months, then I have a job some place and then I come back to New York. I guess my base is New York-ish, cause my family is here. But my husband’s family is all in Paris so we try to spend a lot of time there also. Especially now that we have Rose.”

She mentioned how she had entered relationships in the past for the wrong reasons too.

“I mean, I’ve chosen people as a result of not wanting to feel alone – or trying to fill some kind of space, or deal with the way I feel when I am in a crowd or suddenly on my own,” said the star, who was also married to Ryan Reynolds for two years before splitting in 2011.

“I’ve realized in the past couple of years I have never actually been alone. I have always been with somebody,” she said, referencing her twin brother, Hunter. “And in those first moments of life, even just the spark of it, having somebody else there must affect one, right? Because of that, I’m learning now how to be alone just with myself. But it’s challenging. It doesn’t mean that I don’t feel alone at times or lonely, but I’m realizing that I’ve always had this other half out there.”

When challenged about wearing a skin-tight, sexy superhero costume yet again for Ghost In The Shell, she’ll point out that the likes of Chris Evans as Captain America in The Avengers have their assets on show too.


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