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Supernatural: Ruth Connell Talks About The Return Of Rowena

Supernatural has had tons of memorable characters come and go, and that’s not changing as one fan-favorite character is coming back to the occult series.

Despite being presumably killed by Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) in the Season 12 finale, Rowena, played by Ruth Cornell, will return from the dead to help out Sam (Jared Padalecki) and a lovestruck Dean (Jensen Ackles) this week. The latest episode finds the two brothers in quite the tough spot when two witches manage to steal a powerful book of spells after casting one on the elder Winchester, forcing the unlikely allies to embark on an interesting quest filled with magic, retribution and a little bit of fun.

Supernatural- Ruth Connell Talks About The Return Of Rowena

“There’s nothing cuter than a lovestruck Jensen Ackles,” Ruth Connell told TV Guide.

It is still unclear how the red-headed sorceress will return from the dead-or maybe that character will return in some other way-all we know is that her help comes with a price. “Usually with Rowena, there must be something in it for her…They do seem to have something that she needs,” Connell teased. Plus, it’s another opportunity to mess with the Winchesters since they do have quite a bit in common.

“There’s a shared experience that she has with [with Dean and Sam]…and there’s potential there for a deepening of their relationship,” she added.

However, it will be hard to explore her relationship with the demon-hunting brothers as her mind at the moment is consumed by revenge after being brutally murdered by Lucifer. “It’s in every single fiber of her being,” Connell said of the heated rivalry. “I think how she feels about Lucifer is pretty epic. We’ll see how that progresses.”

Rowena (Ruth Connell) will return

In the episode, we will also get to see her come to terms with the death of Crowley(Mark Sheppard), who killed himself with an angel blade as a way of trapping Lucifer in a parallel universe. Even though they weren’t the most loving family unit, Connell says Rowena and her son shared an “irrevocable bond” and his loss will hit her hard. “You’ll see her being pretty affected,” she explained. “There’s a real turning point in her personal life when she hears about Crowley.”

After everything that happened with Lucifer and Crowley, the all-powerful witch is channeling all that rage and grief into a newfound sense of purpose which might lead her to finally starting her own major coven.ย  That is if other things don’t get in her way. “You’ll see her with more of a determination,” said Connell.

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