The Detail You Missed During Prince George’s Easter Appearance

The Prince and Princess of Wales delighted royal fans on Sunday when they stepped out with all three children for the Easter service.

William and Kate were joined by Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and little Prince Louis for their church attendance – and there was one touching moment that many followers missed.

Following the church service, the family were seen leaving St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

Prince William, Prince George Prince Louis Easter

Touchingly, Prince William and Princess Kate stood back and let their eldest son George be the first to shake hands with the clergy and thank him for leading the worship.

A small gesture, it nevertheless let George step into the spotlight, signalling a maturity and confidence befitting a future king. Take a look back at some of the Prince’s very best moments here…

Some fans took to Twitter to discuss the moment, with one writing: “I think he’s starting to realise his place in the RF and is watching and learning how his parents go about it and knows he has their support. It’s great to see how confident he’s becoming!”

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A second shared: “I mean…look how proudly William and his wife look at their oldest son!! George is growing up so nicely!” A third echoed: “So grown up!! Look how proud his parents are behind him.”

A fourth said: “This is my favorite photo of the day. He just confidently walks in front of his parents and comfortably shakes hands with good eye contact.” And a fifth added: “He is gaining in confidence little by little. It’s lovely to see. Can’t wait to see him as a page at his Grandpa’s coronation!”

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are all expected to take part in the King’s coronation procession from Westminster Abbey back to Buckingham Palace on 6 May.

It was initially reported that only Prince George, nine, would play a “significant” role on the day, but it has since been confirmed that all three of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ children will take part in the proceedings.

In a new update from Kensington Palace, Prince George has also been confirmed as a page at his grandfather’s coronation. All eight pages are expected to wear matching scarlet uniforms and will form part of the procession through the Nave of Westminster Abbey. 

Pages of Honour traditionally wear a knee length scarlet coat with gold trimmings over a white satin waistcoat and lace jabot — a decorative ruffle or frill falling from the collar-white breeches, white stockings and black shoes with buckles. They also carry a small ceremonial sword. 

His parents are understood to have thought long and hard about whether to allow him to take on an official role, owing to his tender years. 


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