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This New Video Of Kate Giving Louis A Drink Has Confused Fans

Kate Middleton and Prince Louis have grabbed headlines as the two, alongside Prince William, attended the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee pageant, following the show from the royal box. Besides Prince Louis’ usual wacky antics and cheeky behaviour, there is one more thing that has caused a debate among royal fans-and that is around a clip of Kate handing Louis a drink during the festivities.

The clip was initially broadcast by Sky before being reshared on HELLO!’TikTok page. The short clip has since then gathered over 4.4 million views-with the main kicker being the debate around the Duchess of Cambridge’s choice of drink for little Prince Louis.

Prince Louis

In the clip the Duchess is trying to calm an excited Louis down, handing him a bottle and encouraging him to drink it.

Apparently, this was enough to spark a whole debate online, with one fan commenting: “Louis is four… surprised to see him using a milk bottle?” while another disagreed: “It’s a sippy cup – brilliant to reduce spills, ruined clothes, chairs, rugs and less mess for someone else to clean.”

“So many judgemental parents on here, who cares if it’s a bottle or a sippy cup?”-one fan rightfully pointed out, while another even brought forth an explanation to end all of these bottle theories. They wrote: “It’s not a sippy cup or baby bottle, it’s a Fortnum & Mason water bottle, a gift in the gift bags given to every guest in the stands.”

If we look to the NHS, they discourage babies from being given bottles with a teat after the age of one, because “comfort sucking from a bottle on sweetened drinks causes tooth decay in young children”.


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The use of a sippy cup, which is just a kid variant of an adult’s sports bottle with a straw, is generally recommended for children till the age of three, after which it is advised to encourage kids to drink from open cups in order to develop their tongue, lips and jaw strength, however, many parents still choose to include sippy cups in their inventory for their kids when on the go.

With Prince Louis always being so excited and energetic, jumping all over the place, it wouldn’t surprise us if Kate Middleton had packed an anti-spill cup just in case. And to settle the debate once and for all, the bottle given to Prince Louis is most likely a complimentary Fortnum & Mason water given to those in the stands. There, mystery solved.

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