Tom Hardy is ready to strap himself into a nitro truck for a Mad Max Sequels

          The 39 year old English actor and producer want to sit back in the Driver’s seat.

Nearly a year passed since George Miller claimed that he is working on Mad Max sequels. He stated: “It won’t necessarily be next, but I have two more stories.” And now Tom Hardy in an interview for TheWarp revealed that he waits for a call and that he is more than ready to get behind the wheel of a nitro truck screaming through the wasteland once again.

Tom Hardy - Mad Max

Hardy believes that sequels are about to come, but he is not sure when it will start.

In January last year, Miller commented that in Studio 360 he discussed his plans for the Mad Max sequels and the potential for himself and others to direct the films.

Miller also said that the sequels will give answers to what happened to Max after Fury Road, what happened before and what happened to the other characters.

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