Top 5 richest Ladies in Great Britain

We present to you the top 5 richest women in Great Britain.

It is known that the top model Linda Evangelista said that she will not leave her bed for less than $10.000 a day. For the rest of us this amount seems like entire fortune. But in the world of super rich people the daily pay Linda asks seems pretty humble. For example Denise Coates which was declared as the best paid businesswoman in Great Britain, earns $401.000 on a daily basis.

  1. Denise Coates – 49 years old




Daily earnings: $401.000

Estimated accumulated wealth: $2 billion

15 years ago she created Bet365, web site about betting and now thanks to that she is the richest woman in Great Britain that earned her fortune all by herself.




2. Her highness, Queen of the United Kingdom – 90 years old


Daily earnings: $184.780

Estimated accumulated wealth: $428.76 million

The British Queen isn’t the richest woman in her kingdom. Her fortune includes $75 million investment portfolio, $160.8 million inherited from her mother, as well as post stamp collection worth more than $75 million. Despite that she has around $30 million worth of property and every year she gets paid a “royal grant”.



3. Kate Moss – 42 years old



Daily earnings: $13.720

Estimated accumulated wealth: $64 million

According to modeling standards at 42 Kate Moss is still one of the best paid models in the world. She is on the 13th place with $4.9 million annual income on Forbes. Thanks to her commercials about St. Tropez, hair care collection Kerastase, as well as fashion house Mango and perfume Dior Addict.




4. Natalie Massenet – 51 years old


Daily earnings: $341.620

Estimated accumulated wealth: $168.2 million

Former American journalist created her fashion website Net-a-Porter 16 years ago. She stored the goods for sale in her bathtub. Quickly her black-creamy boxes decorated with strip became very popular. In 2010 she sold $64 million worth stocks and last year she gained additional $178 million.



5. Cara Delevingne – 24 years old



Daily earnings: $23.560

Estimated accumulated wealth: $18 million

Cara showed up in commercials for Cadbury chocolate when she was a child. Since then she showed up on commercial campaigns for H&M, Chanel and Burberry. She also walks on the Dolce and Gabbana and Victoria’s Secret catwalks.



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