How Victoria’s Secret Models keep their body in perfect shape?

This year’s Victoria’s Secret show will take place in Paris and the Angels are putting a lot effort to amaze us with their appearance on 5th December

For most of us going 2 times a week in the gym seems more than enough to make us feel healthy and good about ourselves. But our trips to the gym are nothing compared to the Victoria’s Angels workout. From plank, side squats to boxing with former champion boxers, the models are sculpting their bodies with a lot if sweat.

Victoria’s Secret Models

Michael Olajide Jr. the co-founder of Aerospace explains some of the work-out routines that the Angels have. Usually the girls start one moth before the casting for upcoming show. If they get chosen, they continue with the training until the show. Despite the training, the models pay a lot of attention on the nutrition.

Every girl chooses a workout that fits her best. Some of them work twice a day with Michael and some girls lean more towards ballet or yoga.

But to achieve the body the models have you need to be prepared to spend up to 8 hours a day.

If you are willing to try how it’s like to train like the models, here are some of the techniques they use.


This year boxing has been rising in popularity among women. Boxing helps with improving the coordination and it’s a full body workout. This sport is Adriana Lima’s favorite workout when preparing for shows.

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Achieving strong core

Using a medicine ball and balancer among other gym equipment Martha Hunt showed that a strong core is absolutely necessary. It is one of the best ways to get flawless abs.

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Workout with weights

The British model Leomie Anderson showed a way to strengthen and tone your muscles with simple moves. Side squats, one-legged bends, weighted crunches and leg lifts are her favorite workouts.

Smooth sliders

Kelly Gale posted on Instagram a video lesson on how useful and effective a slider can be. The circular discs feel more comfortable in the hand and it’s easier to move while they engage your core muscles. If you want to exercise on budget, you can replace them with paper plates.

Workout playlists

Everyone has favorite songs to workout to. So Adriana’s to go workout playlist consist of house, classic rock and hip hop tracks.

Kelly Gale isn’t very picky with for her workout background music, although she loves hip hop. And Bridget loves the songs from the 70’s and 80’s

Snacks after workout are not highly recommended. According to Olajide Jr. drinking water is the best thing for you after workout.

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