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Why George, Charlotte And Louis Won’t Have Live-In Nanny

There, according to Telegraph, the Cambridges won’t have any live-in staff. Therefore, George, Charlotte and Louis will not have a live-in nanny for the first time.

As royal fans already know, Prince William and Kate are set to relocate from Kensington Palace to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor in the coming weeks.

With the move, the couple will be able to give their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis a more ‘normal’ upbringing outside of the spotlight, and also to be closer to the Queen.

Adelaide Cottage is nestled in the heart of the Queen’s 655-acre Windsor estate and is extremely close to Windsor Castle. There are only four bedrooms in the cottage, one for the couple and one each for their three children.

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However, nanny Maria Borrallo will reportedly be kept on full-time – but will reside elsewhere alongside other staff that previously lived with the family including a housekeeper and a chef.

Maria Teresa TurrionBorralo stepped into the role of a nanny in 2014 when Prince George was just eight months old. She has since stayed with the family and now cares for Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis!

Borralo is a Norland Nanny, a graduate of England’s prestigious Norland College located in Bath, which has been known for producing top-rate nannies since its founding in 1892.

“The nannies are taught everything from defensive driving to security issues to how to care for a future king or queen. So she just really knows everything that you could possibly need to know about bringing up a child,” says Royal commentator Victoria Murphy.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte Kand Nanny

Meanwhile, not having a live-in nanny isn’t the only change the Cambridge children will face when moving to Windsor.

George, Charlotte and Louis will be pulled out of their current prep school in Battersea and are all expected to start school locally when the new academic term begins in September.

There are rumours that the children will be joining Lambrook School in Berkshire as day pupils.

George, Charlotte and Louis will allegedly have to attend Saturday School too, followed by an afternoon of sports fixtures for pupils in Year 5 and above.

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