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Why Princess Charlotte Is More Outgoing Than Prince George

Anytime the three Cambridge children are present for an engagement, almost certainly they will get the spotlight, with each of them doing it in their own way. As they grow their distinct personalities are beginning to develop, with Prince George and Princess Charlotte being a clear example.

An insider has described Prince George as “reserved”, while his sister Charlotte is considered the “more outgoing” one. He says: “George is more reserved, and Charlotte is more outgoing.” Thinking about why that is, the insider said, “Maybe it’s because he’s the heir and one day he might be king.”

George and Charlotte

He continues to talk about how George and Charlotte’s dynamic is similar to William and Harry’s, with both couples leaning on each other. William, being second-in-line, has always been preparing and awaiting the day he becomes king, while Harry had no such burden to carry. George, be; ing right after his father in the line of succession, will also have the same training and responsibilities as his father.

The insider explained, “It’s the same difference between William and Harry.” They continued, “Harry is much more laid-back and William is the more serious one because he will be king one day.”

A previous report had revealed that George and his younger sister “spend so much time together,” particularly as “playdates [with outsiders] can be tricky, so they learn to lean on each other.” When the weight of the future crown is too much, noone would understand you better than another royal, especially a sibling.

Their younger brother Prince Louis is still a bit young to join his siblings in all their activities, and him being all the way down to fifth-in-line and unlikely to be on the throne, he should enjoy a pretty carefree childhood.

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