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Will These Two Grey’s Anatomy Characters Get Together?

This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the staff of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital joined forces to defeat that pesky tumor in Amelia Shepherd’s head for good. It’s a pretty terrifying episode, at first it seems as if Amelia won’t make it, and then she is in pain due to her stubbornness about taking the prescribed opiates to help her with the pain. However, when the episode neared its end, we could all sigh in relief as Amelia is totally fine thanks to Dr. Koracick. But it seems that a bigger threat is nearing Grey’s Anatomy. Another unnecessary hookup.


Your mind might go to the somewhat awkward romance between Jackson and Maggie, but that’s not the case. (even though that isn’t a great idea either) We are talking about the supposed spark between Andrew Deluca and Amelia Shepherd. Or should I call them “DeMelia” as many fans do?

The thing is, that DeLuca’s character seems a bit pointless at the moment. His both hookups with Jo and Maggie have failed. The thing with his sister was resolved. He has not much to do. To me DeMelia is just the writers attempt to make a character more interesting. It fits because Grey’s is also teasing a romance between Owen Hunt and Teddy Altman. Amelia and Owen’s relationship is in serious danger. Maybe DeLuca will easy the breakup.

That might be the most annoying thing about DeMelia. It just feels more practical than anything else. Amelia is a bold, confident, wild hotshot. She fits best with a partner who can keep up and match her wild persona. DeLuca doesn’t seem the best fit for the part. He just isn’t dazzling enough. We can clearly see that DeMelia is not built on any magical chemistry. Granted, this is just pure speculation as we have only seen a small peak at what might come. All I can say is that the idea isn’t the best one.

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