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William And Kate Allow No ‘Secret’ Social Media Accounts To The Kids

When it comes to social media, the younger generations of the royal family, such as Prince William and Kate, are the pioneers in this new way of connecting to the world and their fans. Although most royal family members have an official social media account, it is hard to imagine the Queen thinking about what to tweet or choosing which photographs to share.

The official royal social media accounts are just another way of sharing what the royals are up to, undoubtedly with a PR team behind every little detail of the accounts, be it the posts they share or the emojis they use.

But what about personal accounts? Profiles under other names for safe but secret scrolling? Perhaps the heated argument you had in the comments of a Facebook post was with none other than Prince Charles himself.

Well, we do not know whether the royals have personal accounts that we don’t know of, but what we do know is that Prince William and Kate are pretty strict when it comes to their children using social media, or the internet in general.

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According to an insider, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge keep Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis miles away from the internet as they teach them to be ” down to earth.”

The insider told US Weekly: “[They keep them] well away from social media.

“Kate and William will not allow them to have accounts, even secret ones.

“They 100 percent disagree with young children having social media accounts.”

They added: “[They have] taught them to be graceful…they don’t boast about their positions or have superiority complexes.

“[They] treat their peers with kindness and as equals.”

Quite understandable, as even if they weren’t royals, all three of the Cambridge children are very young, and the internet, especially social media, is no place for them, or any other kids and preteens.

Speaking about Princess Charlotte,6, the source lauded her academic capabilities.

“Charlotte is sharp and bright as a button. She is top of her class at reading.”

Like aunt Meghan Markle, Charlotte loves to act: “Whenever she gets a chance, she’ll put on a performance!”

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