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Another Main Cast Death: Grey’s Anatomy Might Have Hinted At A Character Death

As we all know the Grey’s Anatomy actresses that are portraying Arizona and April are leaving the show, but how will the show deal with this? We have already overcome the initial shock that came after we got the news.   We’ve looked into why Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew are leaving. We’ve even absorbed the heartbreaking cast and crew reactions to the news. All that is left is to see how things turn out.

When it comes to characters leaving the show on Grey’s Anatomy, there are two possible outcomes. Either, these beloved characters decide to part ways with Grey Sloan or leave Seattle to go somewhere else. Or they can go the harder route, and just kill them off. And if we take into consideration all the “hints” we got from the most recent episode, we fear that April will be taking the hard way out.

Sure, there is a good chance that she will just get fired. After all, that wouldn’t be the first time she has been fired. Last time she got fired, she went home, gave up for a while, but in the end, she returned better than ever.  But now, in season 14, she’s so much more entangled in the world of Grey Sloan. She has a baby with Jackson. She’s built a life with friends. She’s built a career. Yes, she has been on a downward spiral, but its hard to imagine a situation where it makes sense for her to leave on her own accord.  This brings us to a bit of ominous foreshadowing in the March 15 episode, “Old Scars, Future Hearts.”

If you haven’t seen the newest episode, here’s a quick recap. April has just slept with the infamous Dr. Koracick. In the wake of their hookup, they unexpectedly get to know each other over the course of the following day. Koracick senses anger, angst, and darkness in April. At one point earlier on, he ventures a few guesses on how she got that way. “Uh, dead, beloved TV show character,” he throws out.

Jesse Williams

Surely, the writers already knew that April was going to leave the show, so they had the time to create an exit worthy of her character. And to have Koranic say something like this to April as her time on the show comes to an end? Its one of those things that are too peculiar to let it just fly under the radar. As a writer, there’s also something odd about the way he says it. It’s not like he poses it as a question. It’s more like he’s declaring it like he’s calling April a dead, beloved TV character.

Who knows. Maybe this is just wild speculation and April will be just fine. But Grey isn’t the show that is known happy endings. Its infamous for killing off main characters, so maybe April is next.


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