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Duchess Kate Gives Behind-The-Scenes Details Of Louis Birthday Photos

On Thursday, Duchess Kate made a surprise appearance on ITV’s This Morning to promote her new initiative Hold Still; a photography project during the coronavirus pandemic, in collaboration with  National Portrait Gallery.

During her interview, the mom of three opened up about life at home in the time of coronavirus.  She revealed hilarious behind-the-scenes details from the recent portraits of Prince Louis to mark his second birthday. The Duchess was praised for her adorable portraits of the Prince, which she captioned “Instagram vs Reality”, which shows little Louis smiling at the camera while smearing paint over his face.

Kensington Palace released new photo of Prince Louis mearing rainbow paint across his cheeks to mark his second birthday
Kensington Palace released new photo of Prince Louis mearing rainbow paint across his cheeks to mark his second birthday

“I should’ve taken a photograph of what I looked like after as well!” Kate joked. “Luckily, that wasn’t documented but I was pretty much, I looked like Louis at the end of those.”

Kate got behind the camera again to capture Princess Charlotte’s birthday photos to celebrate her 5th birthday on May 2. The photos showed Charlotte doing her part to help those pensioners isolated due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Kate revealed: “Again this was part of a collection, that photograph particularly of Charlotte was part of a collection to try and tell a story. And that’s really what we hope people will take inspiration through this project, is really just to try and tell their part of a story from a personal level to try and help showcase and share what they’re going through.”

Duchess of Cambridge also talked about how hard it is for them to explain the lockdown to the children. However, they have been adapting to communicating with the rest of the family through FaceTime and video calls.

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Duchess Kate opens up about life at home during coronavirus pandemic in ITV’s This Morning

“We try and check in daily with family members and speak to them about news and things like that. In some ways I suppose we’ve got a lot more contact and a lot more face time than perhaps we would’ve done before.

“But it is difficult, it’s hard to explain to a five and a six, nearly seven-year-old, what’s going on. But the schools are being great at supporting them as well. Hard times, but we’ve got the support out there I think.”

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