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Duchess Of Cambridge Shares Her Real Passion During Special School Visit

The Duchess of Cambridge has continued on her journey of understanding early childhood development, attending a neuroscience lesson on Wednesday at Nower Hill High School in Harrow, London.

Kate was also on a mission to brighten up the day of anyone around, stepping out in a fuchsia coloured coat and matching turtleneck (both part of Hobbs’ Black Friday sale) and complementary navy pants and heels.

Duchess Kate Shares Her Real Passion During Special School Visit

Keeping the accessories to a minimum, pairing an elegant pair of silver earrings with her engagement ring.The monochromatic set and the way she used contrast truly shows the royal’s advanced fashion sense.

The Duchess joined year eight students in a science lesson, focusing on neuroscience and how a caregiver’s behavior is essential to shaping their child’s development.

Kate soon after said that she found the kids’ enthusiasm and engagement about the lesson inspiring.

Duchess of Cambridge continues, as she has over the last ten years, to look into how adult challenges, such as addiction, family breakdown and poor mental health can be linked back to a child’s development in those crucial early years.

The headteacher of tbe school Louise Voden talked with PEOPLE about Kate’s visit.

“She was an absolute natural. She was really interested in what they had to say and their thoughts about the materials they had been learning about,” Voden adds. “She clearly feels very passionately about it.”

Never resting, she met the Chief Executives of Academy Trusts at Buckingham Palace later the same day to discuss Oxford University’s research into secondary education and early neurodevelopment.

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