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George And Charlotte Unexpected Day Off School Revealed

Prince George and Princess Charlotte can start the weekend earlier this week. According to Thomas’s Battersea’s website, on Friday 29, the pupils have a day off from school. But, the reason is still unknown.

The royal siblings are both attending Thomas’s Battersea in London, where George, has been attending since September 2017. Now he is in Year 2, while his sister Charlotte started school in September.

The 4-year-old arrived on her first day joined by her family. The head of the lower school, Helen Haslem, greeted the royal family as they arrived. Prince William told her that Charlotte was “very excited” to start. 

Princess Charlotte Arrived For First Day Of School At Thomas's Battersea With

The last time we saw George and Charlotte was when William and Kate took them to their first football match in October. Wearing the colours of Aston Villa, Prince George punched the sky from the stands as his football team celebrated a 5-1 win over Norwich City.

It’s been a while royal fans were treated to some photos and video footage of George, Charlotte and Louis. though we rarely see them, they parents often give us an insight into their lives while attending their engagements.

While speaking to Diana Award winners at a Kensington Palace tea on Tuesday, Prince William revealed how he referees Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s games.

Olivia Hancock, 14, later revealed what the royal said. “So when I was chatting with Prince William he said to me, when he plays football with George and Charlotte, when Charlotte’s in goal George says to her that ‘Charlotte I’m better than you.'” William reportedly handles this by quickly telling his elder child, “‘George, Charlotte could be as good as you.'”

“It’s great to hear that Prince William is saying that to George,” she told to HELLO! Magazine.

It is not clear when it’s the next time we’ll see the Cambridge siblings. There are no big family outings that we’re aware of in the near future.

Still, there is an upcoming event which might see photos of the entire family released as it’s tradition to release an annual Christmas card.

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