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Harry And Meghan Gave A Cute Answer When Asked “Where’s Archie?”

The Sussex have just landed in South Africa and have officially begun their royal tour. As soon as they landed Prince Harry and Meghan headed off to all the visits and events planned for their first day.

For now, we haven’t seen the couple’s almost 5-month-old baby Archie with them on any of the engagements, even though he was seen in his mother’s arms as she was coming off the plane on Monday morning. This is his first ever royal tour, and a pioneer at that, as he is the youngest royal to ever go on an overseas tour.

While Harry and Meghan headed out to attend their plans at Cape Town, baby Archie stayed behind with his trusted nanny.

Harry And Meghan Gave A Cute Answer When Asked “Where’s Archie”

One of their planned engagements was a visit to the District Six Museum, which was subject to the forced relocation of 60,000 inhabitants of various races during Apartheid in the 1970s, the couple toured the museum, learning about the history of the area and meeting former residents.

Somaya Ebrahim, 81, a former District Six resident, revealed that this wasn’t the first time she got a chance to see a royal, with her being present in the crowds when the Queen visited the town in 1947 with her parents and sister Princess Margaret. She jumped in Harry’s arms for a big hug as they talked by. She then excitedly hugged Meghan as she asked them: “Where’s Archie?”

Prince Harry just casually responded with: “He’s sleeping.”

Harry And Meghan Gave A Cute Answer When Asked “Where’s Archie”

When another resident asked about baby Archie, Harry said that the long flight had tired out the baby. “He’s not grouchy, just exhausted” he revealed.

A royal source says that Meghan and Harry “hope to be able to include Archie at some point in the program, but it is difficult to schedule because he is 5 months old,” a royal source says.

For their South Africa royal tour they are travelling with an entourage of 13, including a nanny and hairdresser who are both paid privately. They have also taken their private secretary Fiona Mcilwham to be part of the trip to get more acquainted with her new role.

It seems that there are a lot of royal fans in South Africa, with a big crowd gathered to meet the royal couple, even a sweet 5-year-old girl was there and gave Meghan a teddy bear.

Harry And Meghan Gave A Cute Answer When Asked “Where’s Archie”

Taya Lievenberg held out the teddy (which had a little sticker that read, “With love from Taya” on it), as her mother Tam, 41, called out to the Duchess.

“I think I started crying when she came over,” Tam told the media afterwards. “I screamed my lungs out for my daughter, so that she would come over. I am so overwhelmed that she did. She is one of my idols and a woman I really look up to.”

10-year-old Ludwig Brink also caught Meghan’s eye as he held the national flower, Protea, out to her.

“This was amazing — finally getting to meet her,” his mother Renee, from Cape Town, says. “She was lovely. I’m so happy that they’re here.”

Harry And Meghan Gave A Cute Answer When Asked “Where’s Archie”

Among the crowd was Cape Town artist Adrien Mallel, who gifted Prince Harry with a painting she had done of him. “I’ve been wanting to get it to him for quite a while,” she reveals. “[Meghan] said she loved it. She said, ‘Wow’. She thanked me very much. He asked if it was a gift.”

She added: “I said to them, ‘We love what you do. The work you do for the under privileged is so important and you set such a wonderful example.’ She thanked me.”

Harry and Meghan finished off the day at the Homecoming Centre, an annex of the District Six Museum built to provide former residents with a meeting place to share memories and cook together.

Harry And Meghan Gave A Cute Answer When Asked “Where’s Archie”

The couple joined residents in food preparations before sitting down to sample local delicacies, such as a tomato casserole and porring, a pudding made from potato, cream and vanilla.

“We wanted to give them a good experience of the music, the tastes, the smells of District 6, and it was a chance for them to meet some of the different generations from the area,” the museum’s director, Bonita Bennett, says.

Meghan even exchanged a copy of Together, a cookery book she worked on with the Hubb Community Kitchen in the wake of the Grenfell fire.

Harry And Meghan Gave A Cute Answer When Asked “Where’s Archie”

The last time the Sussexes went on tour was last year in fall, when they visited Australia, Fiji and New Zealand. But since then their family has changed quite a bit, especially with the arrival of their firstborn son Archie in May, and since then they have been tackling issues as a family of three.

Earlier this month, Harry opened up about their first royal tour as a family on Instagram, writing: “On a personal note, I can’t wait to introduce my wife and son to South Africa! We’ll see all of you very soon.” “

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