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Harry And Meghan Might Have Given A Hint About Archie’s Halloween Costume

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex just shared a throwback photo to mark Halloween on Thursday, as well as giving away a hint at what we might see baby Archie dressed up as. This will be the first Halloween for Meghan and Harry as parents to baby Archie, who they called “little pumpkin” in their Instagram post.

The post was made by their official Sussex Royal Instagram account, with the caption being “Happy Halloween! ‘Wishing you all a safe and fun Halloween from our family (and out little pumpkin) to yours!'” In the photo, they shared we can see the couple on their royal tour of New Zealand from 2018, two days before Halloween, surrounded by costumed people.


The two were attending a special effects workshop, where they were met with quite a spooky welcome-a cast of actors all dressed up in all kinds of scary Halloween costumes. At the time when the photo was taken, Meghan was pregnant with Archie, looking all happy and smiling while holding hands with her husband all the while being surrounded by  Vikings and witches.

For Halloween, Prince Harry and Meghan have no big plans, as it’s their first as parents, and will most likely be spending it at home in Windsor with baby Archie. Meghan is a big fan of the holiday, with her sharing a photo of her and Harry from their Halloween celebration in 2016 on Instagram, just weeks before their secret relationship came to life.

Meghan Has The Cutest Nickname For Her Son Archie

Meghan was still filming her show Suits in Toronto then, so Prince Harry flew over there to attend the Halloween party together with her. A photo from that time period shows Meghan hiding behind a huge carved pumpkin with a smiley face, with a high chance that the one behind the camera being none other than Prince Harry.  And look at them now, three years later, proud parents of a five-month-old, and celebrating their first Halloween as a family. 

Baby Archie Makes His First Official Appearance On Royal Tour Of Africa

There has been a rumour that after their royal tour of South Africa, which also included baby Archie, that the family would be taken a six-week break from royal duties to spend some quality time with their son, and maybe even fly over to Los Angeles so they can be close to Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland.

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