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Harry And Meghan Photographed Visiting Ilapothecary Weeks Before Their First Baby Arrives

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be welcoming their first baby in the next few weeks. As the due date is approaching, the parents-to-be are preparing for their baby.

On Friday, Harry and Meghan were photographed visiting Ilapothecary in London. Reportedly they spend two hours inside the wellness store.

Harry and Meghan

The store is “providing women with the best all natural, organic skincare products” and offers a variety of treatments, such as massages and energy healing.

According to their website their “products are infused with powerful natural ingredients, including British grown herbs with a long history of healing, such as Borage and Thyme, and medicinal flowers such as Rose Geranium”.

Both Harry and Meghan are dressed casual in t-shirts, jeans and sneakers.

The excitement for the royal baby has reached the peek! Since the pregnancy announcement was made, for the past few months there’s been speculation over what Harry and Meghan will call their child, whether it’s a boy or girl and how she’s choosing to give birth.

Apparently, the odds on Harry and Meghan having a girl had been slashed from 10/11 to 1/2 as the baby’s due date gets closer.

Harry and Meghan

Betfair spokesperson Katie Baylis said: “Following a significant bet this afternoon we’ve slashed the odds of the Royal baby being a girl from 10/11 to 1/2 , with a boy now out to 6/4. This bet is one of the biggest we’ve seen on the Royal Baby markets this year so could be a big clue that we will have a new Princess in the coming weeks.”

Names have also been the subject of bets, with Diana still the favourite.

“Diana is the big 5/1 favourite for the name of the baby, with Grace, Victoria and Alice all at 14/1. Arthur is the favourite boy’s name at 8/1 ahead of James and Edward at 14/1.”

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