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Harry And Meghan Praised For Highlighting Non-Profit Cause

Ever since Harry And Meghan started their own Instagram page, @sussexroyal, the royal couple have been using it to bring attention to causes and charities that they think deserve to be in the spotlight. They have showcased all kinds of causes with dozens of different goals and themes.

This week, Prince Harry and Meghan highlighted the work of Mozambique-based Love The Oceans in a post shared on their official Sussex Royal Instagram this afternoon. The organization mainly focuses on marine conservation.

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This is just one of the 15 accounts that the royal account started following during the month of August, which the couple has dubbed ‘Forces For Change’ month. The move was applauded by their followers, with one saying: ‘What an amazing couple. Keep doing what you’re doing.’

The couple shared a gallery of pictures with their 9.4 million Instagram followers. In the photos, they showcase the work that Love The Ocean does. Focusing on the charity’s work to protect whale sharks, the caption read: ‘As we come to the end of the month we want to acknowledge the great work done by @LoveTheOceans – a non-profit organisation we are following, chosen by you for #ForcesForChange month.

‘Today we are helping them celebrate #InternationalWhaleSharkDay.’ 

They added: ‘LoveTheOceans (LTO) is launching its ‘Adopt a Whale Shark’ campaign, enabling people to adopt an individual whale shark. The donation will support their continued research to protect these gentle giants.’

‘These creatures are classified as endangered, meaning that they face a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

‘The estimated global population of whale sharks has decreased by 50% over the last 75 years due to illegal fisheries hunting these beautiful species for their fins, that are then sold on the black market.’

They continued: ‘Love The Oceans has developed responsible tourism guidelines to protect these animals in their local area, working with fishermen and communities to safeguard their natural habitat and nurture a healthy ocean for all marine life.’

Among the pictures, there is one of a group of children swimming alongside instructors. In another photo, a huge whale shark can be seen swimming through the blue towards the camera.

Followers have reacted wonderfully to this whole thing, praising the royal couple for every cause they choose to stand behind.

For this one, one fan writes: ‘Such a great organization!’

Another commented: ‘Amazing work for picking climate change and sustainability orientated organisations.’

‘To bring this work and agenda to the public’s attention. Bravo.’

Another added: ‘Incredible. Thank you for bringing so many remarkable organisations into the spotlight and raising awareness of the work that they do.’

They added: ‘So inspiring and uplifting to see on my social media.’

Prince Harry has actually visited Mozambique in the past. During his stay there he visited the minefields in Tete province in 2010, as he continued the work that his late mother Diana started with the Halo project.

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