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Harry’s Taking Back The Sweetest Gift For Baby Archie

On Tuesday Prince Harry had a jam-packed day in Amsterdam. The reason for his visit was so that he could announce the new partnership between the leading online travel firms that aim to transform the industry. He spent his entire morning taking part in Q&As and giving speeches at Amsterdam’s A’dam Tower. And even with the busy schedule, the Prince managed to pick up an adorable gift for his baby son, baby Archie.

The royal, who became a father for the first time in May, while he was leaving the engagement, he was pleasantly surprised by a familiar face who had waited all day to hand him a special gift to take back to Windsor. And by the look on his face, as he took the gift, we are sure that the Prince was more than happy to get it.

Prince Harry gift for baby Archie

Royal fan Edith Mansoor gave the father-of-one a Miffy cutlery set, a little something that the couple will most certainly find a use for when baby Archie begins weaning. Miffy, for those who still have the freedom of not having kids(we feel you Prince Harry), is a small female rabbit in a series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna, so this makes a perfect gift for the baby, because what else would you gift it?

Edith is actually a pro at royal gifts, and this isn’t the first time she has given a gift to baby Archie in the four months since his arrival. Back when he was just born, the sweet lady sent him a typical Dutch outfit. The couple was overjoyed by the gift and sent her a thank you note in return. There is a video in which we see the Prince interacts with Edith, giving him the gift and proudly showing Harry her collection of royal replies she has gotten throughout the years.

All throughout the summer break, Prince Harry was non-stop on engagements away from the UK, which meant leaving Meghan and baby Archie behind. That was most likely hard for the Prince, but his baby boy was never far from his thoughts, mentioning his often during his trips. For example, he had joked with the audience at A’dam Tower that he had had the ”best night’s sleep I’ve had in four months”.

For his trip to Amsterdam, despite the visit being planned on Tuesday, the royal took a commercial flight the day before.

Ever since his birth in May, baby Archie has only been seen in public just a handful of times, but despite this, he has been to more countries than most Americans have in their lifetime. The Sussexes reportedly took the tot to Ibiza for a summer break at the beginning of August, where they celebrated Meghan Markle’s 38th birthday. They then enjoyed a stay at Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s stunning villa Castel Mont-Alban, in Nice, which overlooks the French Riviera.

Prince Harry in Amsterdam

And very soon, royal fans will get to see him once again when he joins his parents on their African Tour, which begins on 23 September.

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