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Harry’s Wedding Ring Breaks Two Royal Traditions

Prince Harry and Meghan tied the knot on May 19. And since putting on the ring, he has broken two royal traditions.

The first tradition that Harry broke is he didn’t chose the traditional metal used for wedding bands, like Kate’s ring. According to Russell, in 1923, the Queen Mother started a tradition for the royal to wear wedding rings made from a single lump of rare Welsh gold. This has been followed by all royal brides, including Meghan.

But Harry’s wedding band is made of platinum. The palace said this due to “personal preference”.

harry and meghan ring

Prince Harry has become the first man in the Royal Family to wear a wedding ring.

According to Express, the Duke of Sussex is the first man of the British royals to wear his wedding ring. And that is the second tradition he has broken.

His brother, William, hasn’t wore one after he and Kate married in 2011.

Also, Prince Charles and Prince Philip didn’t wear their wedding rings when they tied the knot with Princess Diana and the Queen.

However, Prince Charles does wear a signet ring on his little finger.

But apparently, Harry’s decision to wear his wedding ring has a deeper and significant reason.

“I think it shows, as if proof were needed, that Harry is the least conventional member of the Royal Family,” Penny Junor, author of The Duchess, tells Vogue.

“Harry’s chosen to do what most married men do today. I like it.”

In May, Penny Junor, the author of “Duchess,” told Vogue that Prince Harry’s decision to wear a wedding ring has a significant reason.

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