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How Princess Charlotte Has More Role Options Thanks To Princess Diana

Thanks to the precedent from her grandmother Princess Diana, Princess Charlotte will also be “raised in the same way” as her father Prince William and uncle Prince Harry.

The effect Princess Diana has had on the royal family cannot be understated, with one royal commentator claiming that through her parenting Princess Diana “set a really important foundation for the future of the monarchy”.


And her parenting style has been taken up by both of her children, Prince William and Prince Harry, following in her footsteps with their children. The OSSA YouTuber narrator discussed how this will especially affect Kate and William’s only daughter, Princess Charlotte.

They told viewers: “In the past royal children were cared for by nannies.

“They were generally sent off to boarding school while their parents fulfilled various royal duties.

“This style of raising future monarchs is often criticised by anti-royalists.

“They claim that it means royal children don’t get to just be kids.”

They then continue: “This was the case until Princess Diana came along.

“Diana raised her boys herself to ensure that the princes would be people first and royals.

“This approach received praise and criticism.

“But it also set a really important foundation for the future of the monarchy.”

“William and Harry are raising their kids the same way.”-they continue explaining.

“This means that Charlotte has more options available to her than she would have had in the past.

“And considering that she’s already accompanying her parents on their engagements and that she wants to be a nurse when she grows up, she’s already getting amazing exposure for a life of philanthropy.”

The only thing that might change up any plans that Charlotte might have, the narrator explains, is the chance that Prince Charles or Prince William will make any kind of changes once they become king.

Princess Charlotte

With the change of monarchs, the young royal’s titles will also be changing, along with her position in the line of succession. The List goes on talking about how that will work.

He says: “When her grandfather Charles becomes King, Charlotte will add to her title.

“Prince William’s only daughter will become Princess Charlotte of Cornwall and Cambridge.

“When William is elevated to Prince of Wales, she will become Charlotte of Wales.”

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