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How Would Jamie And Claire Pronounce Briannas Name: Diana Gabaldon Reveals

It’s not always easy getting the pronunciation of a written word right. You might have an idea on how to pronounce the word, but after 4 seasons you see you couldn’t be more wrong. Thankfully we have social media, and with the help of the author herself, she shares all the research she has made for the Outlander series. This includes how to say Brianna’s name.

Social media has opened the world of Outlander. Not only can fans connect more and people can stay up to date with all that’s happening during the production of the show, and best of all, fans can directly interact with the series creator, Diana Gabaldon. Last week, Diana Gabaldon posted a video on Facebook in which she explains how Claire and Jamie would pronounce Brianna’s name, and both put emphasis on different syllables.

For the sake of love alone, would I walk through the fire again.

It’s amazing how much time Gabaldon has dedicated to research. She has gone out of her way to ensure that the series is as close to real life as possible. From her knowledge of the Gaelic language to her knowledge of the time period in which Outlander takes place. Understanding the way words are pronounced isn’t easy with the written word, but Gabaldon has shared her research into that recently.

During the video, she shares how Claire and Jamie put the emphasis on different syllables. Claire says Brianna like many of us–the emphasis on the middle syllable. It can either be Bri-AH-na or Bri-AN-na. Either way, that emphasis.

For Jamie, the emphasis is on the first syllable. This is to do with his Gaelic roots, and Gabaldon goes into the details of why BREE-anna is so important for Jamie. The video below is definitely worth a watch.

Do you love that Gabaldon interacts with fans in this way? How did you pronounce Brianna’s name? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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