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Kate Middleton: What The Duchess Will Be Up To Before Her Baby Is Due

Awe all know the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant and is due to have her child in April. She and Prince William will be prepared ing for the latest addition to the Royal Family, news of which broke in September last year. How will the Duchess of Cambridge be preparing?

Kate Middleton,36, is currently pregnant with her third child. The already mother of two, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, at the moment, is in the seventh month of her pregnancy. What will she be up to in the last few weeks of her pregnancy?

Experts explained exclusively to just what Kate will be doing before the birth, and how the royal will prepare for the new arrival.

What can Kate Middleton expect from the last month of pregnancy?

Liz Halliday, Deputy Head of Midwifery at Private Midwives, said: “Every pregnancy is different, so Kate may have similar experiences to her previous pregnancies or she may feel completely different.

“Kate will be having more frequent visits with her midwives or doctor now, and they will be able to help her prepare for the birth and support her through these last weeks.”

She added that Kate may well have bad sleep, “due to discomfort and changes in the brain that prepare us for those sleepless nights when the baby arrives.”

Kate will also be “nesting”. This is the urge to tidy up, repaint and organize, which is quite common for women who are preparing for the arrival of a new baby.

Kate Middleton

Pelvic discomfort is also likely, and is “Braxton Hicks, the tightening of the uterus as the body practices for labour,” Liz added.

The Duchess will also pay frequent visits to the toilet as the baby puts pressure on the bladder at this time.

Liz said: “In the final month of pregnancy, the baby is putting on weight and their brain is developing ready for birth. Kate will find her bump gets noticeably bigger and she might find the weight of the baby can put some pressure on her pelvis and back. Most women will find that they feel quite tired and need to rest frequently due to hormonal changes, increased blood flow and the weight of the baby.”

There will also be emotionally changed as Kate moves towards her due date.

“A normal pregnancy lasts from 37 to 42 weeks, so midwives often call this the ‘in-between time’, a special time when mothers-to-be are between the excitement of pregnancy and awaiting the birth of their baby,” Liza said.

“Kate is likely to be looking forward to meeting her new arrival and is getting prepared for the birth. It’s not unusual for women to also feel tired and have some mood swings, this is nothing to be concerned about and a little kindness from friends and family goes a long way!”

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Aside from mood swings and the toilet trips, Kate can do all kinds of different things to treat herself and make her feel more relaxed and calm.

Liz said: “A balance of frequent small meals, exercise and rest is sensible, whilst keeping occupied to avoid any anxiety or stress about labour and birth.

“Spending some time on hypnobirthing practice, having a massage and enjoying long baths can really help with relaxation. Meeting with friends, indulging in a little nesting and spending time with the family can also help pass the days.”

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