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Kate Revealed A Secret Holiday She Took Her Kids On

The life of the royal is a hard one, always being in the spotlight and in the public eye, so it’s a surprise that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, manages to do lots of things without the media knowing about it. On Tuesday the Duchess was visiting Cumbria, and while she was on a walkabout in the market square of Keswick, she revealed to the crowds the secret holiday she and her husband William had taken their kids during their recent half-term break.

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The couple took them to the Lake District. One wellwisher disclosed: “She said that it was raining a lot and was a long way from their home in Norfolk, but they love it here.” Schoolboy Jack Mumberson, 11, added: “She said that her children love coming here and walking in the fells. She told us how nice the Lake District was and how lucky we were to live so close to the mountains.”

It’s not that surprising to hear that Kate and William decided to take their children to the Lake District. Both the parents and children love being outdoors, with Kate and William often talking about the importance of young people spending time playing in the fresh air and being with nature.

This passion for nature came quite useful recently, as the Duchess took part in the Chelsea Flower Garden show. She had a project of her own that she co-designed with other nature architects. Kate is a big fan of the outdoors and has often times talked about how she prefers nothing more than spending time outside with her children, with their favourite activities do to outdoors being to play games and to go on nature hunts.

The Cambridge family spend every holiday they get at their country home Anmer Hall in Norfolk. They have done everything to ensure the privacy of their children while they play outside. A no-fly zone was enforced over the property shortly after George’s birth in 2013, and William and Kate also had a row of trees planted along their driveway to give them more privacy.

The place was also the setting for a few family occasions, with George’s second birthday being celebrated there. This is also the place where amateur photographer Kate’s photoshoot for George and Charlotte’s first official portrait. Kate had initially raised Charlotte and George at Anmer Hall, which boasts a swimming pool, tennis courts, vast gardens and ten bedrooms.

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