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Kate Spotted With Son Louis During An Outing On Valentine’s Day

Duchess Catherine spend her Valentine’s day with her youngest angel, Prince Louis.

On Thursday, mom Kate and her nine-month-old son were seen taking a walk around Kensington Palace Gardens. Lucky fan shared photos of Kate pushing the stroller around the park.

In the photos, Kate is wearing black skinny ankle grazer jeans, a black puffer jacket with white sleeves, and New Balance trainers.

It was a discreet look for Catherine who only hours earlier had wowed everyone with her appearance at the V&A museum. Still, she always looks gorgeous.

 While mommy and Louis were relaxing, dad William spent Valentine’s day at an event for fathers-to-be.

During the “Future Dads” session, the Duke opened up about the fear of having a newborn baby when faced with the reality of having to care for his children when they were born.

“The fear of having a newborn baby, that’s very vulnerable and that’s what you spend most of your time worrying about, thinking what do I do?

“And that’s the thing isn’t it, it’s very daunting of how tiny they are when they first arrive.”

William even suggested that Louis may well be on the move soon. He said: “Wait til they’re nine months, then they’re off. You’ve got one leg and one arm!”

It comes after Kate revealed she was “very naive” as a first-time mom about the importance of a child’s early development. She confessed this while she attended the Mental Health in Education conference yesterday.


Kate Middleton V&A Museum

Speaking at the event hosted by The Royal Foundation, Kate said: “I was very naive myself as a parent, of really just how important particularly the early years are for children’s futures.

“And how critical it is, everyone looking after children at a critical time, teachers, parents, and everyone who’s caring for them, how important it is that we get it right.”

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