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Kate’s Cheeky Reaction When She Received Job Offer At Children’s Centre

On Wednesday, during a visit to the Ely and Careau Children’s Centre in Cardiff, the Duchess of Cambridge received a job offer. After helping a little girl clean the sand off her hand, Carolyn Asante, head of the children’s centre, told Kate, “You’ve got the job — when can you start?”

According to Asante, Kate replied: “I said, ‘You’ve got the job,’ and she said, ‘I wish!’”

Carolyn Asante also shared that everyone was thrilled by the Duchess’s visit. “It’s lovely to have someone who understands children and child development,” she said. “She really made the parents and children feel at ease which was lovely.”

 “Our children quickly gauge people who are genuinely interested in them, and if they’re not, they just won’t bother with them.”

 “I see amazing work you’re doing here in so many areas,” Kate told workers at the center. “It’s just bringing it to light. The critical work you’re doing has a massive social — and economic — impact later down the years.”

During her visit at the children’s centre, the Duchess played with babies, crouched down and chatted to toddlers playing “shops” with real vegetables.

She was also shown the resident guinea pigs, Willow and Bella. Kate crouched down to stroke them and revealed the children: “I had guinea pigs when I was little. I think your nursery is the best. She’s so soft, isn’t she?”

Watching as the children fed them carrots and sprouts, she joked: “I did not know that guinea pigs liked Brussels Sprouts!”

Duchess Kate Arrives At Cardiff Baby Sensory Class

Kate’s visit was a part of her 24-hour tour to promote her new survey on the early years development of children, titled “five big questions on the under fives”. The online poll, conducted by Ipsos Mori for the Royal Foundation, is thought to be the biggest of its kind and aims to spark a nationwide conversation on early childhood.

The duchess’s survey will run for a month, from January 21 to February 21, and will ask those taking the poll five questions about topics such as nature vs. nurture, health and happiness.

You can find it here:

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