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Meghan Markle Has Changed Something About Herself After Becoming A Royal

Meghan Markle has been welcomed into a royal family with open arms and has gotten nothing but support from them since she and Prince Harry started dating. She fit right in the royal family from bonding with the Queen’s corgis to getting an early invite to spend Christmas at Sandringham with the Windsors.

And now that the couple finally got married, Meghan is officially a royal, and with that, the Queen gave her and Prince Harry the royal title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as a wedding present.


Having become a royal, Meghan has made some pretty drastic changes to herself, such as deleting her social media pages, wearing tights to public engagements, and curtsying to both the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth on the regular.

Meghan Markle

While these changes are considered to be normal for a ‘commoner’ to do when entering the royal family, but some of the changes she has made aren’t even required by the protocol.

And the most surprising thing she has changed is her handwriting.

Meghan’s handwriting has changed since she became a royal, it went from controlled italic writing with dominant loops and large letters to more of an informal scrawl.

But what might the reason behind this be?


According to handwriting analyst Tracy Trussell of Hand Right, it’s got a lot to do with Meghan’s romantic side.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

‘The little hook at the start of her capital “M” reveals that once she has set her heart on something, nothing will stop her until she’s satisfied her goal,’ Trussell explained to the Daily Mail. ‘Her handwriting suggests she is a romantic, passionate and devoted woman, who will need the protection of the man she loves.’

Whether this is the true reason behind the change, it is safe to say that the Duchess of Sussex’s handwriting has undergone quite the change.

Maybe her handwriting change is due to her having to undertake Princess lessons. That means that for the next six months(24 weeks) she will be taking royal etiquette classes.

What will change next? Who knows?

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