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Is Meghan Markle ‘Out Of Tune’ With William, Kate And Harry?

It appears that not everyone believes that Meghan Markle is out of tune with Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry. According to Rachel Johnson, a British editor, Meghan Markley’s “a bit out of tune” in the fab four.

A week ago, the royal couples had their first official joint engagement. Kate and Meghan, together with William and Harry, appeared on stage together to discuss why The Royal Foundation was set up, the projects they are currently working on, and their ambitions for the years ahead.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William and Princess Kate have attended their first royal event together.

“As I’m unlikely to score an invite to the People’s Wedding in May to mill around the castle grounds with several thousand of the happy couple’s closest strangers, I can talk about the elephant in the room. I know Prince Harry spotted it too, as he went a funny color and chewed his lip.”

Apparently, Rachel Johnson wasn’t impressed with how Meghan spoke out her advocacies.

“Wow. I’m all for women being empowered and using their voices and people (ie men) ‘hearing’ them. But this was risky on a couple of fronts.

Over here, we secretly don’t like women who speak out too loudly and often (I should know), let alone women who order other women to speak out and men to listen.”

Body Language Between Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Reveals Their relationship

“As a nation, we certainly prefer Royal women who don’t really speak, like the Queen, or the Duchess of Cambridge, as demonstrated by that No 1 hit about a perfect girlfriend with the lyric ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all’.”

This is not the first time the British editor critiques Meghan Markle. Earlier she wrote that the actress failed her Mum Test.In Rachel’s point of view, Harry’s fiancée is “racy” and “racy is not official Wife Material.Miss Markle may be truly scrumptious, but she still fails my Mum Test,” Johnson wrote.

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