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Outlander: Five Things We Want To See In 2018

2018 has just arrived, so what should we expect from our favorite TV series in the new year? If we look back on 2017, it has been quite the year for Outlander. It has reached enormous success, with tons of good ratings, magazine covers and a panel at San Diego Comic-con to prove it.

This is one of the most ambitious adaptations of Diana Gabladons epic book series. Season 3 was filmed on a couple of different continents and introduced lots of new fantastic characters to the show. Examples include Lauren Lyle, Cesar Domboy and John Bell.

Here is a list of things we would like to see in Outlander season 4, coming out in 2018. So Santa better be watching.

1. To let the new characters have some time in the spotlight

We already know that Ed Speleers and Maria Doyle Kennedy are both on board for season 4 as Stephen Bonnet and Aunt Jocasta. Both of them are great picks for the roles, and lets hope their characters get screen time as much as their book counterparts.

2. Ratings to keep on climbing

Will the premiere of season 4 of Outlander reach 1.8 million live viewers? We hope, even though Outlander has it harder when it comes to live viewers as the show is released on the app first.So its hard to convince the eager fans to wait a bit more to watch it when it airs on Starz.

3. A season 5 confirmation

Maybe even a season 6 announcement, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.  Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be such a stretch to get two brand new Outlander seasons announced in the same calendar year.

4. An Emmy nomination

While on the show, Caitriona Balfe and Tobias Menzies have received some praise for their roles in Outlander with nominations at the Golden Globes, but we are yet to get a Emmy nod. We’d love to see our favorite cast members get recognition for their roles, (don’t forget the brilliant Sam Heughan). Lets just hope for the best this next summer.

5. A mind-blowing season in autumn and when have they ever failed us?

This is the main event of the year. To continue our epic love story with our fantastic characters. Getting our favorite show back is the best thing we can wish for in 2018, everything else comes second. We wish the best for our cast and crew as they get back to filming season 4 in the new year…

…And be sure there is much more news to cover.

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