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Outlander Season 4: New Time Travelers?

In the upcoming Outlander season 4, we will get another time-traveling adventure. While we already know about our favorite time-traveler Claire(Caitriona Balfe), who has jumped through time a couple of times with her use of the magic stones at Craigh na Dun, it seems they are changing things a little bit. Two other characters will also use the stones on the show this year. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Richard Rankin (Roger Wakefield) and John Bell (Young Ian) went horse riding recently, or at least that’s what Richard said on his Twitter. You might say that horse riding lessons aren’t anything new to Outlander, as its the usual mode of transport for Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Balfe. But, the interesting thing is that Rankins character doesn’t need to ride a horse. With him being in a time period with cars and him knowing how to drive one, why use a horse? Unless there is another reason for this. Maybe he will be traveling to a period before cars.

For where all love is, the speaking is unnecessary. It is all. It is undying. And it is enough.

The plot of the next season is based on Diana Gabaldon’s fourth book in the Outlander series “Drums of Autumn.” Those who have read the books already know that this is the book when Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger will be traveling through time.

Brianna will finally get the chance to meet her biological father on the show this year, and Roger will finally meet the Frasers also.

Since Rankin is accompanied by Bell while horse riding, it is possible that the two actors share a scene together. Readers should note that Young Ian was on the same ship that got hit by a big wave while still having Claire and Jamie aboard at the end of season 3.

Filming is currently taking place in Scotland. One of the fans messaged Co-executive Producer Maril Davis online [see below] about visiting Glasgow, and hoped she could get a peek at the filming. In reply, the producer said that the studio isn’t open for visitors, so the fan will not be able to see the filming.

While the cast members are busy filming, they had the chance to celebrate on the set too. César Domboy (Fergus) recently celebrated his birthday, and the wishes came pouring in from the cast and crew.

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