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Outlander Season 4: Released Video About Jamie And Claire’s Quiet Moments

The wait for Outlander season 4 has begun. But how will we fill the time until it arrives? Well, we just got a video from the show’s studio and as any other fan, we will pick it part by part.

The video below shows the executive producers Matthew B. Roberts and Toni Graphia discussing what makes the Starz series so special. There are lots of things that make it special, the epic nature of the show, like the way they touch the themes of the show, the epic nature of it and of course the complexity of the main characters Jamie and Claire. From the production side of things, Graphia seems to have a thing for “quiet moments” as a way to tell the story- a technique not often used in other shows, but when it is used it feels real. The reality of this kind of scenes between our characters stands as one of the biggest reasons why the show is so popular- they manage to stand out amidst all the flashy TV couples who just don’t come of as natural.

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It is most likely we will get more of these quiet moments between Jamie and Claire in season 4, and without spoiling anything, Robert tries to explain in the video just what it might look like with them moving forward with the show.

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“Jamie and Clair have never really had homes. Even though Jamie’s home is Lallybroch, he gave it away. Every time they get there, something bad happens. They don’t stay very often. Claire’s always been a traveler. Once they arrive in America, they arrive in a place that they can call home together, and then the challenges of making a home will be where we go forward.”

Robert continues to differentiate a romance and a love story and he makes quite a few interesting points. He explains that a romance is a story that follows a couple getting together-and once that happens the fantasy and the thing that entices fans in the first place is gone. While with a love story you stay engaged and watching, you are invested in the characters and want to know what happens until the very end. They might have a new home, but Jamie and Claire’s story is far than over. They still have lots of things to face and the two of them still have to fight for their relationship.

They have been a kind of stabilizing elements to each other and it seems that they won’t change that much in the near future, however, the difference being that they have this other stable element in a home, yet we immediately think of some danger and fear there. They don’t want anything to happen to the home they have done so much for. And if something happens, its the road again.

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