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Prince George Has The Funniest Nickname For Prince Charles

They have crowns, palaces and fancy titles we so admire that we forget the royals aren’t totally different from common folk. For example, Prince Charles will be a King some day, but to George, Charlotte and Louis he is just grandfather.

Prince Charles has a close relationship with his grandchildren, and apparently they have an adorable nickname for him.

According to Express U.K., Royal author Robert Hardman revealed that George, Charlotte and Louis call Charles “Grandpa Wales”. This, of course, is in reference to his title Prince of Wales.

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This touching nickname is reminiscent of what Queen Elizabeth used to call her grandfather, King George V- “Grandpa England.”

Writing in the Daily Mail, Mr Hardman said: “He [Charles] increasingly consults the Duke of Cambridge in all major family decisions; about his hopes that, while his sons have created new charity networks, one of his grandchildren — maybe George — will one day take on the stewardship of his own.”

Doting grandpa Charles has often talked about being a grandfather. “It’s a different part of your life.

“The great thing is to encourage them. Show them things to take their interest.

“My grandmother did that, she was wonderful.”

He added: “It is very important to create a bond when they are very young.”

Prince Charles has even planted an entire rain forest for his beloved grandson Prince George.

In the documentary Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70, Charles revealed he planted an entire forest just after the birth of George. He has said that he plans to gift the forest to his grandchild when he’s much older.

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The prince said: “As I get older, all I really long for is to plant trees.

“I hope it will be quite amusing for George, as they grow up, and he grows up.”

The garden is planted at Charles’ own arboretum at his Scottish home, Birkhall, with the Prince pointing out the trees and saying: “This is George’s wood“.

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