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Prince George Might Be Kept Out Of Public Eye After Harsh Criticism

Prince George is “to be kept out of the limelight” after “very harsh” criticism of the young royal at the Euro 2020 Finals held at Wembley according to royal commentator and author Robert Jobson.

Mr Jobson continued that while the young royal has been very popular with the public, he has also received some negative attention and will be kept out of the public eye for a while.

“With George, he got quite a lot of social media attention.” Said Jobson.

Continuing on: “Some were critical about him wearing a shirt and tie like his dad which I thought was very harsh.

“He has been very popular but I think they are going to try and keep him out of the limelight a little bit.

“They are very conscious of that.

“The pictures were great with his dad when he was celebrating for that all too brief moment.”

The mockery was largely focused on a set of pictures depicting the young Prince looking nervous alongside his father during the final penalty shootout.

Rebecca English, the Daily Mail’s royal editor, shared five photos of the young royal looking very concerned as the game went ahead to those final gruelling moments of the penalties.

Ms English captioned the post: “Prince George sums up the mood of the nation #penalties #Euro2020Final #ENGITA.”

Some social media users quickly swarmed to the post mocking the young royal.

Prince George Joins Prince William And Kate For Euro Championships 2021

One Twitter user said: “Hahahahahaahahahaha hope the little twerp cries into his tie.”

Another said: “Doesn’t some of the feelings in Scotland.

“And this royal turnout is supposed to make Scotland want to stay in the union? Absolutely not.”

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom, as the youngster also received a lot of praise.

One Twitter user said: “I can’t, this is the cutest, I’m melting.

“Prince George hugging his mom The Duchess of Cambridge at Wembley.”

Another tweeted: “That footage of Prince George celebrating with his mum and dad was perfect.”

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