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Prince Louis’ Christening Photos Reveal A Change In Royal Protocol

On Sunday, Kensington Palace released 4 official photos of little Louis christening.

Proud parents Prince William and Kate Middleton chose Matt Holyoak, one of the world’s leading portrait photographers, to take the photos, which were taken in the Morning Room at Clarence House.

We saw the family of five photographed together for the first time. But not only them but also Prince Harry and Meghan, Kate’s parents, Prince Charles and Camilla as well as Pippa Middleton, husband James Matthews and James Middleton made an appearance.

prince louis christening (2)


In an interview with OK! Online, body language Judi James, said the pictures are showing a “relaxing of protocol and status rules in the royal family.”

“There is a unique quality to these poses that could signal a re-defining of the royal family going forward.”

The body language expert noted: “Unlike other royal gatherings this one appears totally lacking in tension and the reason is probably the relationship dynamic.

“All the couples in the shot seem to be happily married and it shows in their ability to produce authentic delight and relaxed warmth for the photos.”

Judi added: “The large group shot is also equally relaxed and the ‘power’ symmetry is telling.

royal christening

“Both of Kate’s families line up in ‘bookends’ fashion to announce what could be a new relaxing of protocol and status rules in the royal family. Carole stands next to Charles in a very even pose and Harry is twinned with Kate’s brother at the other end of the seat.”

Judi continued explaining that with Kate sitting in the center of the photo she has taken the matriarchal role with the Queen’s absence.

She explains: “Not only is she the ‘hub’ of the group, she also sits with a slight splay as her congruent smile shows she is utterly smitten with the new baby.”

prince louis christening

Judi also mentioned the loving look Charlotte is giving her baby brother.

She says: “Charlotte looks equally smitten though.

“Her eyes rarely leave the new baby’s face and she looks genuinely caring and curious about her new baby brother here.”

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