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Prince Louis Embraces Boss Baby Persona During Family Outing – ‘Serious Business Ahead!’

Prince Louis has lived up to his cheeky reputation during a visit to the Royal International Air Tattoo in Gloucestershire.

The five-year-old joined his parents and two elder siblings for an exciting day out, seemingly one to kickstart the school summer holidays.

George, Charlotte And Louis Make Surprise Appearance At Royal International Air Tattoo

Royal fans took to Twitter to praise the young royal, stating that he lives up to the nickname given to him by royal fans – ‘boss baby’. Boss baby means someone who likes to be in control after a popular film franchise which follows the story of a bossy baby.

One tweet, noticing how he attempted to walk ahead of Prince William, read: “Prince Louis means business, he doesn’t have time to waste, he’s leading the way.”

Prince William could be seen holding onto his youngest son’s hand, clearly making sure that he doesn’t fall over.

A favourite amongst fans, Louis earned the nickname because of his cheeky antics.

Though it is unclear if the couple have a nickname for their younger son, fans often refer to Louis as ‘Boss Baby’, which comes from the Hollywood character.

The rainy weather clearly didn’t put a dampener on Louis’s mood as the cheeky youngester looked happy to be on the visit.

One fan said: “”Absolutely living for Prince Louis, truly overjoyed to be at the airshow in the rain today.”

Another fan wrote: “Prince Louis looks happy.”

A third, suggesting he could take after his father with his future career, wrote: “Got a feeling this little prince will do great things in the RAF.”

READ: George, Charlotte And Louis Make Surprise Appearance At Royal International Air Tattoo

Prince Louis of Wales reading information

Dressed in navy, Louis matched his siblings and parents, who all wore a shade of blue.

At one point, Louis was even spotted waving to fans during the visit, which did not go unnoticed by fans.

The young royal is known for expressing cheeky antics during visits, with his latest being during the King’s coronation.

The five-year-old was spotted yawning as he sat alongside his sister, eight-year-old Princess Charlotte, in Westminster Abbey.

He could also be seen attempting to get Charlotte’s attention to look at something interesting that he had seen in the distance.


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