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Prince William And Kate Plan A Royal Tour With Cambridge Kids

Sources claim that the Cambridge family have plans to visit Australia on a new royal tour which will include the whole family.

It has been eight years since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their big visit to Australia and things have changed a lot since. Back then they came as a young couple with their eight-month-old firstborn, Prince George, with the country as a whole absolutely loving the small family.

That marked Prince George’s global debut, as the baby royal melted the hearts of both fans and politicians all over the country, as well as getting the chance to see all the wonderful and interesting wildlife Australia has to offer.

Prince William Kate George Charlotte and Louis

And now eight years later there are certain sources that claim that the Cambridges are in the late stages of planning a tour Down Under, a tour that might eclipse the event that was the 2014 10 day tour.

“This time, they want to spend even more time in Australia and perhaps even factor in a private family holiday,” says a source.

“It goes without saying that Kate and Wills would never leave the children back in London and Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will all be along for the ride.

“They’re currently thinking April or May, given the weather will be just about perfect in most of the country for lots of outdoor, COVID-safe meetings.”

The royals had some kind of loose plans back in 2020 to visit Oz in the wake of the devastating January bushfires, with William being especially interested in travelling to rural areas and visiting heroic firefighters, bereaved family members and survivors.

“William and Catherine instructed their team to make it happen, and it was looking like they’d get the green light from the Queen to come over in April of that year, but of course, the pandemic hit and everything was taken off the table in terms of travel.”

However any plans they might have had had to be put on hold due to the global pandemic that was only starting to have its devastating effects all around the world. However, sources claim that the Cambridges have not forgotten about those plans and intend to make them a reality soon. They say: “They’ve already told the children, who are incredibly excited.

Prince William 38th birthday photo on a swing with George, Charlotte and Louis

“While George was too young to remember much, the toy wombat he received on that trip [given to him by the then-Australian Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove] still sits pride of place in his nursery at Kensington Palace and he loves hearing stories about Australian wildlife from his dad.

“Kate is keen to make the trip very child-focused, in terms of the charities and causes she meets within Australia, but also fun for her own kids.”

According to the sources that claim that a royal tour is in the works, the couple has already made a “dream list” of places to visit with the help of the Attorney-General’s office and other trusted aides.

This list includes things such as environmental issues, frontline workers and fire resources to indigenous communities and showcasing Australia’s natural wonders, as a way of boosting tourism back to the region following the catastrophic effects the virus has had on the industry with all the lockdowns and border closures.

One idea that has reportedly been suggested is a visit to Australia Zoo, a visit we are sure that the three Cambridge children will absolutely love, thanks to William’s new pal Robert Irwin.

“Robert and William have been in contact over environmental issues in recent months, and he invited Wills and his family to visit the zoo any time they like,” says a source.

“William was chuffed by the invitation and said he’d be only too glad to make that happen when they next make a trip over, which he hinted was very imminent.

“It’s hard to know who’s more excited by the prospect of a day at the zoo meeting the kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles – the Cambridge kids, or William, who was a big fan of the late Steve Irwin.”

But the trip might have some more complex parts, such as the logistics with the kids, with Prince William and Kate considering leaving the children in the care of nannies at Sydney’s Admiralty House at times during their trip all over the country.

“Everything is on the table currently, and since they saw all the main things like the Sydney Opera House and Uluru last time, they’re keen to get off the beaten track,” says a source.

“Kate is particularly interested in visiting the Indigenous outback communities hit hard by COVID, and she’s also been very gripped by the Cleo Smith missing child case, and would love to meet the heroic officers in WA who rescued her.

“William, of course, is desperate to meet with the firefighters keeping Australia’s bushland safe, and they both want to personally thank nurses in the country’s COVID hotspots, especially in Sydney and Melbourne.

“This is a trip that could very well take them coast to coast, north to south and east to west.

“A royal tour of this magnitude has never been done before, even by Harry and Meghan who visited in 2018, but they’re game – they’ve been desperate to get back to Australia since 2014.”

With all these possible plans, from simply sightseeing and visiting interesting places, to official royal work and meeting important people, it seems that Kate and William will hope to somehow pull off a two-in-one, both an official royal tour as well as a vacation for the three children on the other side of the world.

Prince William and Kate Middleton tour in Australia

“William has always felt a longing to experience the NSW South Coast, where his mother spent an important summer secretly soul-searching over whether or not she’d accept Prince Charles’ proposal,” says a source.

“He’d love to get a place near Mollymook for a few days and walk the same beaches she always told him about. If they could swing it security-wise, he’d like to take the kids camping.

“Kate is also looking into secluded settings and is putting the feelers out for some of Australia’s most exclusive resorts like the One&Only in Wolgan Valley, Saffire Freycinet in Tasmania and every celebrity’s favourite, Qualia at Hamilton Island.”

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