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Prince William And Kate Receive New Titles After Queen’s Death

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have received new titles and are now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall, following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince William will inevitably inherit the title of Prince of Wales – the title held by heirs to the throne, previously held by King Charles III – but this will only occur following the holding of an investiture meeting with the King.

The couple’s social media accounts have already adapted to this change, with their biography reading: “The official Instagram account of The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge, based at Kensington Palace.”

Prince William And Kate Receive New Titles After Queen’s Death

The tragic news of the Queen’s passing came in the form of an official statement from Buckingham Palace at 6.30 pm on 8 September. This was just hours after we heard that the monarch was “comfortable” at Balmoral Castle, though doctors remained concerned.

Like monarchs before Charles had the opportunity to choose a regnal name for himself as he assumed the title of King of the United Kingdom and 14 Commonwealth Realms, however, Clarence House has confirmed he will be known as King Charles III.

Monarchs can choose a completely different name, and some have, Queen Victoria, for example, had been christened Alexandrina Victoria but took the throne under the name Victoria.

When the then Princess Elizabeth ascended the throne in 1952, she had the same opportunity, being asked by Martin Charteris, her private secretary, by which name she would like to be known.

The Queen’s response was very much typical of her, as we’ve come to know, replying: “My own of course.”

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