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Prince William Bursts Into Laughter After Offering Babysitting Job

During their first visit to Wales after the Prince and Princess of Wales received their titles, which occurred this Tuesday, Prince William was left in hysterics after a woman turned down a job he offered.

When greeting crowds who had gathered to welcome Prince William and Princess Catherine at Holyhead Lifeboat Station, in Wales, the royal pair stopped to meet a grandmother who seems to have left quite the impression, as they offered her a job as a babysitter on the spot.

The couple quickly built a rapport with the grandmother while chatting about their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Prince William was then prompted to quip: “We’re looking for a babysitter,”but much to his delight the gran had a great reason to decline. Quickly firing back she said “I would, but I’ve got no teeth,” through laughter William reassured her that “that doesn’t matter,” but she remained unconvinced.

The mischievous grandmother can still enjoy the friendship she developed with William and Kate, who fortunately didn’t take the rejection to heart, but she did later reveal she forgot a present she prepared for them.

“I’ve forgotten the Welsh cakes in the rush on the A55, I thought s***, the royals are coming to Holyhead,” said the gran.

As the royal pair moved began to move down the line to meet more locals, William was quickly called back to the grandmother who realised she’d forgotten to introduce one of her grandsons, while Kate continued meeting other members of the public.

“Do you know what, we’d have a lot of fun together? I can see a real budding friendship, (between) you and me,” Prince William reportedly said to the woman, while she clutched his arms.

“I love you, you’re just so real,” she replied, touchingly adding: “Diana would be so proud.”

Prince William Bursts Into Laughter After Offering Babysitting Job

Sounds like the two get along well, especially judging by William’s reply, who said: “Lovely to meet you, we’ll chat again next time we’re up.”

This is only the begging of royal engagement for the Prince and Princess of Wales, who are expected to return home sometime before Christmas

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