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Prince William Revealed One Of Son George’s Favorite Movies During Trip To Northern Ireland

We love learning facts about our favorite little royals!

On Thursday, during his and Kate’s visit to Ballymena, Northern Ireland, Prince William revealed to a young boy that their eldest son, loves the movie How to Train Your Dragon.

Regan, the young boy, was showing William how he makes dragons from pieces of coloured paper when the Duke described how Prince George loved the children’s film.

William and Kate in Northern Ireland

This isn’t the first time dad William has talked about son George’s favorite movies. In October 2017, during a visit to London’s Paddington train station, William shared that George “quite likes”The Lion King, as well as a few Lego movies.

“Trying to keep him off the television is hard work,” the father of three joked.

The dad-of-three revealed this during a visit to Cinemagic. Cinemagic is a charity that helps young filmmakers and teaches them about directing, production, costume and make-up, sound, lighting and music composition among other disciplines.

The couple was welcomed by officials from Cinemagic. Kate and William chatted with Emma Noble and Jack Francis, who played them a short film and watched young directors and producers as they practiced filming.

Savanna Burney Keatings, gave flowers to William and Kate and talked with the Duchess about how she played Grace in local movie Grace And Goliath.

“I told her I had a great time on the film set,” Savanna said.

William and Kate in Northern Ireland

“Kate was very nice and William was very nice too.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have visited Ballymena in County Antrim on the second day of their trip to Northern Ireland.

William and Kate had a quick walkabout outside the Braid Arts Centre when they met with the locals before going into charity Cinemagic.

William and Kate in Northern Ireland

During the walkabout, Kate made a girl’s dream come true. She allowed the little girls to ask her some personal questions, so she could include them in a biography she was writing about the royal.

Hannah Ritchie said: “I asked if she liked being a princess, and is the palace big? She said she liked being a princess because she can travel around the world and meet all the lovely children. She gets to talk to them, she loves meeting and talking to the children.”

William and Kate in Northern Ireland

Kate said: “I love working with young people. Everyone is so brave and strong in some of the places we go. It’s very nice to meet you. Good luck with the biography!”

Earlier, they held a private meeting in Hillsborough Castle with members of the police forces who have been affected by mental health issues.

Prince William and Kate last visited Northern Ireland in 2016.

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