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Prince William Reveals The Trick He Uses To Get His Kids To Bed Quickly

Prince William is the proud parents of three wonderful children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Prince William has revealed that working with natural historian David Attenborough has made it easy to round up Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two, when bedtime comes.

He described the trio as “big fans” of Attenborough and that they were “very jealous” that he got the chance to collaborate with him.

When Prince William was a guest on BBC Radio 4 for an interview alongside Sir David Attenborough, the Duke said: “Actually, last night we started watching one of David’s newest documentaries.

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“It’s amazing at bedtime when I can crowd the children, just shouting ‘we’re going to watch one of David’s documentaries’ and they come herding in.

“It’s the easiest way to catch my children and get them ready for bedtime.”

This revelation comes after the Cambridge children made a sweet video asking Sir David questions about the environment, which was shared all over their official social media accounts.

This marked the first time fans have heard little Louis speak in public, with speech experts analyzing the clip and saying that he and Prince George have adopted a Estuary English accent, the one Jamie Oliver has. Their sister Charlotte on the other hand has been found to speak in a “posher” accent compared to them. George asks Sir David: “What animal do you think will become extinct next?”, while Charlotte asked if he was a fan of spiders, and Louis asked: “What animal do you like?”

Professor Jane Setter, who teaches phonetics at the University of Reading, said that rather than speaking the Queen’s English like Kate, George has adopted features of Estuary English.

While talking about the two brothers, the professor said: “The accent they have, particularly George, sounds very like Southern Standard British English with some features of Estuary English.

“This is not unexpected as William and Harry both have features of Estuary English in their accent.

“The only feature of Estuary English George has in this very short clip is a vocalized ‘L’’- so a vowel at the end of ‘animal’ rather than the ‘L’ sound – and this is a feature of Estuary English.”

This accent has become much more widespread, she says, as it can be heard being used by people such as Boris Johnson and Prince William.

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Dr Geoff Lindsey explains how one can notice the accent, as Prince George’s final ‘L’ sounds more like a ‘w’, so you end up hearing ‘animaw’ instead of ‘animal’.

He added that Louis pronounces “like” in an Estuary-ish way, so that it begins more like “lark” than “lack”.

He said that Princess Charlotte “doesn’t do this”, and sounds “posher” than her brothers with a Queen’s English accent similar to the Duchess of Cambridge.

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