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Prince William Tells Princess Charlotte’s Favorite Joke On First Solo Trip

Prince William¬†has revealed his daughter¬†Princess Charlotte’s favorite joke – and it’s a childhood classic that’ll always get a laugh from kids.¬†

Since returning to royal duties following his family’s Easter holiday, it’s become clear that Prince William’s family is still at the forefront of his mind. His recent engagements have been filled with anecdotes about his kids, giving royal fans a glimpse into life at the Wales family home – which is about to get some serious upgrades as the¬†family prepare to renovate their Windsor abode Adelaide Cottage.

As well as revealing the¬†popular tinned food that his kids love¬†to eat at home, while¬†Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and¬†Prince Louis¬†enjoy¬†spending ‘precious’ time at home with their mum¬†Kate Middleton, William has now shared his Princess Charlotte’s favorite joke – and it proves that, while he may sit first in¬†the royal line of succession, he’s far from immune to classic dad jokes.¬†

During a visit to to a school in the West Midlands earlier this week, where he spoke with students about childhood mental health, the royal revealed that there’s one ‘dad joke’ that Charlotte ‘keeps telling’ him.

“Knock, knock,” he began. “Who’s there?” the pupils asked.

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“Interrupting cow”, William said. But as the pupils then started to reply, “Interrupting cow, who?” the royal loudly interrupted with, “Moo!” 

The schoolchildren quickly burst out laughing and William was seen smiling and laughing along before telling the kids, “That’s one I hear a lot at home at the moment.”

But it appears that William has a lot more jokes up his sleeve, though perhaps not ones for¬†school¬†children’s ears. Looking around at the teachers, he said that the knock knock classic was the best joke he could think of that was both ‘clean’ and ‘broadcast-able’.¬†

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Before sharing his joke, he said to the children that, in order to tell it properly, he was, “Kind of trying to channel¬†Jack Whitehall, because most of his jokes are pretty dad-like.” But, after seeing William’s comment, Whitehall took to Instagram to share his response to, what he called, “An outrageous shading from the future King.”¬†

In a video shared to the social media platform, Whitehall can be seen listening to William tell the joke before hilariously picking up a notebook to write down the¬†dad joke¬†for future reference. “There goes my knighthood.” he added in the comments.

Fans quickly took to the comments to praise William’s joke with one writing, “This is hilarious. Love Prince William,” while another thought that William’s comedic prowess was enough to get him on stage with the comedian, saying, “William as the opening act for Jack!! Let’s do this!”


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