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Princess Charlotte Bosses Around Her Big Brother Prince George

Princess Charlotte is the boss in the family! This comes from the lady who knows many things about leading.

On Sunday, Great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth joked that Charlotte loves to rule over her big brother, Prince George.

Queen Elizabeth II shared this while Speaking to a 10-year-old school girl, Emily Clay at Sandringham House in Norfolk. The Queen asked the girl whether she “looked after” her 6-year-old sister, Hadleigh.

Emily’s mother answered: “It’s the other way around,” prompting the Queen to say: ‘It’s like that with Charlotte and George.’

Queen Elizabeth said this to Ellen Clay, who was at Sandringham to watch her daughter Emily where she won a bible signed by the Queen.

Every year the Queen awards with bible one student who does best in religious studies project from one of the local primary schools on her Norfolk estate.

This time Emily received the prize whose father Tom Clay, 38, also won it in 1990.

Mrs. Clay said: ‘She asked if Emily looked after Hadleigh and I said it was more the other way round. She said it was like that with Princess Charlotte and Prince George.’

Mr. Clay continued: ‘The Queen was implying that Charlotte keeps an eye out for George rather than the other way around.

‘It is often the case that a younger child is more confident. It is second child syndrome.’

This comment comes after Kate Middleton revealed last year that her daughter was ‘the one in charge’.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George

Earlier, Princess Charlotte’s mom Kate revealed that George and Charlott’s siblings were becoming ‘very good friends.’

Additionally, in November 2016, Kate told youngsters at a tea party in the Natural History Museum that Charlotte was ‘extremely chatty’ and loved playing with George.

According to an insider, the “confident” Charlotte, who knows some Spanish, has settled well into her nursery school Willcocks Nursery School.

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