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Princess Charlotte’s Sweet Christmas Gesture Goes Viral On TikTok

Royal fans can’t stop talking about an incredibly sweet moment between Princess Charlotte and her cousin, Mia Tindall, which occurred on Christmas Day.  On 25 December, the Royal Family put on a united front as they stepped out together in Sandringham ahead of attending a service at St Mary Magdalene Church. 

The Prince and Princess of Wales led their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis through the crowds as they greeted well wishers and accepted gifts from onlookers who turned out in their hundreds to wish the family a Merry Christmas.

One moment in particular, shared between eight-year-old Princess Charlotte and nine-year-old Mia, who is the daughter of Zara and Mike Tindall, has left TikTok viewers saying the same thing about the young royals’ doting relationship. 

A clip shared by TikTok user @wikagechlo has been viewed more than 3 million times, and shows the heartwarming moment Princess Charlotte let her cousin Mia accept flowers from the crowd that were initially intended for her. 

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In the video, Mia spots a royal fan handing out a bunch of flowers, before turning back to seek permission from Charlotte who appears to sweetly let her cousin accept the flowers instead. 

An on screen caption read: “Princess Charlotte let Mia get the flowers that was for her, but she let her get it.”

Charlotte beams at her cousin before saying what looks to be: “You can get them Mia,” which leads the young royal to rush towards the bouquet and gladly accept the pretty flowers.

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Royal fans were quick to comment on the adorable family moment, praising Charlotte for her “mature” response and kind-hearted actions.”I love the close bond of this new generation of royals, they’re so well-mannered and smart,” said one royal fan, as another agreed: “When Charlotte let Mia get the flowers she looked so happy and as if she felt included.”

“I hated how nobody gave flowers to little Mia, but the family saw that, and made sure she was included, just made me sooo happy! They are all immensely close!” chimed in a third fan.

A fourth noticed: “George also gave Mia the bouquet that he got. These kids are amazing.” 


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