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Princess Diana Was Reportedly ‘Expected To Marry Prince Andrew’

According to a 2017 documentary, “The Diana Story,” Princess Diana was expected to marry Prince Andrew rather than Prince Charles.

Thirty-seven years ago, the people of the United Kingdom rejoiced at the news that its bachelor Prince Charles had finally found a bride. All eyes were on Princess Diana, who appeared shy in her press appearances at the time of the engagement. Diana and Andrew

Betty Andrews, a former housekeeper to the Spencer’s family, revealed in the documentary: “We thought she’d be with Prince Andrew.”

According to her and the rest of her colleagues, Prince Andrew was a better fit for Princess Diana. They were much closer in age, than Diana was with Charles, who was 12 years older.

At that time, Prince Andrew’s dashing good looks began to steal some of Charles’ thunder, which made Charles often ‘lose his temper.’

According to Betty Andrews: “She [Diana] never said what she wanted to do.” But she was determined to make her mark. “My wedding will be at Westminster Abbey,” Diana said on her sister’s wedding day in 1980.

And it happened. Diana married Prince Charles in a ceremony which took place at St Paul’s Cathedral in 1981.

Diana and Charles first met when Diana was only 16 years old. At that time he was dating her older sister Sarah Spencer. And it is believed that Lady Di have immediately fallen in love with Charles.

Diana and Charles engagement

In 2011 book “The Making Of A Royal Romance” by Katie Nicholl, it was revealed: “Charles had been paired off with Diana’s older sister Sarah and they had enjoyed a skiing trip to Klosters.”

“It was lissome and gamine Diana who caught the Prince’s eye at a friend’s barbecue in the autumn of 1980.”

When the couple announced their engagement in 1981, Sarah reportedly said: “I introduced them, I’m cupid.”

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