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Princess Kate Reveals Prince Louis’ School Update, Marking A Significant Milestone

Summer is well and truly here – and three young royals ready to enjoy the sunnyĀ weatherĀ are the children of the Prince andĀ Princess of Wales. Prince George,Ā Princess CharlotteĀ andĀ Prince LouisĀ have officially started their summer holidays from Lambrook School, which they attend near their home in Windsor. This means until early September, there will be no class for the trio as they enjoy their break from lessons.

The start of the school holidays marks a major milestone for five-year-old Louis, as it now means he has completed his first year at school. He started at Lambrook last September alongside his older brother and sister, who moved from their previous school Thomas’s, in London.

William and Kate are said to be keen to allow their children as normal an upbringing as possible and little is known about what the children are like in class. However, mum Kate did give an update on her children’s school recently – but fans were left baffled by her comments about Louis.

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It came last month when Kate met with a group of schoolchildren while officially re-opening the Young V&A museum in east London. There some curious youngsters asked questions about Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ school and what years they were in.

In a video posted to Tik Tok, Kate can be seen patiently explaining to them that before the holidays: “My daughter Charlotte is going into Year 4 next year. I’m Charlotte’s mummy. And then George is in Year 5. And Louis’ in reception.”

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But fans outside the UK were left scratching their heads, at Louis being described as being in reception. Of course, those in the UK know reception refers to the first year of formal school in the country, but it seemed this needed explaining to some abroad.

One commented on the video: “Louis’ in reception sounds like she left him in the lobby or something.” While another asked: “What is reception? Like preschool?”. And one said: “What does in reception mean?”

It’s not yet known what the Wales family will get up to given that the children are now on their summer holidays –Ā but in previous years, they have enjoyed a sun-soaked staycation at a place close to their hearts.


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