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Princess Kate’s Warning To Prince William During Huge Royal Event

Princess Kate Middleton once gave her husband Prince William an important warning during a major royal event, and his response was sweet and reassuring. The moment was caught on camera

The eyes of the world were on the British royal family earlier this year as they stepped out for the Coronation of King Charles. The historic ceremony, the first in 70 years, took place on 6 May at Westminster Abbey and was watched by millions of people around the world.

Despite the pomp and ceremony surrounding the occasion, the family did express some concerns around the practicalities of the day – and their incredible outfits. And thanks to lip-readers, we know exactly what they said.

Kate Middleton and Prince William were caught on camera having a quick exchange before they headed inside the Abbey. The couple arrived with their children Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis before joining the procession ahead of King Charles and Queen Camilla’s crowning.

Both wore formal robes, with Kate in her striking Royal Victorian Order mantle, and William wearing his Order of the Garter mantle. And the princess had a word of concern for her husband before they started the long walk into the Abbey.

Professional lip reader Jeremy Freeman told the Daily Star at the time that Kate turned to William and said “just mind the gown”. He believes the heir to the throne replied with reassurance, saying: “Don’t worry I got [or caught] it.”

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The royal couple weren’t the only ones whose words were scrutinised at the Coronation ceremony. A great deal of focus was put on Prince Harry, who arrived at the same time as his cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, along with their respective husbands, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi and Jack Brooksbank.

Harry entered the Abbey way before the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children – and got a seat three rows back from the front. While walking in, he gave courteous greetings to some of the other guests, saying “hello”, “morning” and “nice to see you” to various people. A lip reader claimed he said “look at that” while noticing the grandeur of the occasion and also said “delightful”.

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Body language expert Judi James explained that Harry looked nervous while he waited for Charles to arrive. She told the Mirror: “As Harry waited in his seat for his father and brother to arrive there were some subliminal signs of building tension or anxiety. He sucked his lips in and licked them and his blink rate increased, suggesting adrenalin prompted by nerves.”

It was speculated that Harry was unhappy with the seating arrangements. At the time, an insider told the Sun: “There were discussions that the seating could be arranged on line of succession. But that would have put fifth-in-line Harry front and centre — and with William and Kate. Instead the decision was working royals only at the front and work back from there.”


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