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What Provoked Kate Middleton’s: ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Read’?

Kate Middleton does not make such a fuss over small things. She won’t cry over a little-spilled milk. Even if the milk has almond flavor!

On Tuesday, the Duchess of Cambridge dropped at the Rising Cafe that is run by a charity. The café helps people in need like the homeless and addicts. All the staff in the cafe were really excited and there was a really chatty atmosphere inside. During Prince William and Kate Middleton’s time inside, the hosts presented them with a plate of cakes. The charity members baked the cakes. There was even a princess one with a tiara and a Union Jack cake.  And besides the cakes, they were served with tea with some almond milk specially set aside for Middleton.

A former addict, Kim Gardener, who now even runs Betel’s women’s houses shared: “We put almond milk on the table because we had read that she had it.”

Gardener, also revealed that even the best planned royal visits can have slip-ups.

And Kate apparently answered: “Don’t believe everything you read — I don’t even like almond milk.”

When the couple was presented a princess cake, Prince William didn’t forget to mention his daughter. He revealed that Princess Charlotte would like the princess cake and described the Union Jack one as “very patriotic”.

He added: “You should be on Bake Off”. He meant to the hit U.K. reality competition show, The Great British Bake Off.

The royal couple visited the ruins of Coventry 15-th century cathedral to see what the future holds for the UK City of Culture 2021.William and Kate Middleton also participated in a “Litany of Reconciliation” prayer service aimed “at healing the wounds of history and building a culture of peace,” the couple’s office said.

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